Flannel Shirt - Coffee and Vanilla Stout 5.4%

It smells like a fresh pulled espresso with a nice full body and a creamy vanilla finish. Thanks to @rescatecoffee for the coffee on this one!!

Slow It Down - 4 Grain Saison 5.2%

In the time of hopped up bitter west coast IPA, milkshake looking NE IPA, imperial adjunct Stouts, and intensely fruited sours(all of which we love) it's time to slow it down and get back to beer flavored beer. This is our house base Saison with an experimental yeast. It provides great citrus rind, light pepper, and lots of fresh baked bread. Using @meccagrade Pelton, wheat, and rye- the malt pops through with just enough light crisp acidity from the yeast to make this bone dry Saison superbly refreshing. 
So let's all slow it down and enjoy the small things.

Wined Down - Pinot Gris Saison 5.6%

We took Slow It Down and added some local Pinot Gris (From MuddyBoot Winery). The Fruit added a light pear and apple with a touch more acidity.

Pilsnerish - Blonde Ale 5.2% C/G

Gold Medal - Best in Show - Ca State Fair '17

An incredible balance between Weyermann German Pilsner malt and American Sterling hops. Beautiful and delicate.

1-2 Punch! - NE style IPA with Fruit 6.8% C/G

Our Collaboration with Crooked Lane Brewing in Auburn, CA.

The bright tropical fruit, the dank Mosaic, and the citrusy Amarillo shine in the fruit laden NE Style IPA.

Turtles And Teeth -  NE Rye IPA  6.3% C/G

New Glory Collaboration

Nelson. Galaxy. Mosaic. 
The nose is dank and bright with a light bread and rye quality on the finish.

Court'er Slice - Pear Pie Kettle Sour 6.4% C/G

Hemly Cider Collaboration

Hemly makes great cider, thats a known fact. but what happens when you mix that great juice with a sour beer, and then add a bunch of vanilla and cinnamon!? You get this pear pie inspired kettle soured cider/beer hybrid.  We pushed the limits on the amount of juice we could use and still have it be called a beer. Its bright and cider like with a long comforting finish of sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon.  

Vanilla Ice - Cream Stout 5.1% C/G

Chocolate-y, vanilla-y, yummy. 
Full bodied, yet refreshing and satisfying.

(gluten reduced)

Wrap Around Porch -  Raspberry Lemonade Kettle Sour  4.9% C/G

A quenching and quaffable sour. Low in alcohol because you WILL want two. Especially after working in the yard, painting your white picket fence, or just running around chasing the kids. Sit back, put your feet up, and relax on and with a Wrap Around Porch.

C/G = Crowler and Growler Fills Available