Beachfront Avenue -  Tropical Kettle Sour  6.2%

Rollin' in your 5.0 and pursuing to the next stop, bust a left and headin' to the next block. The block was dead yo, so you continue to A1A Beachfront Ave.

Murk McGwire -  NE Style IPA  6.8%

Oranges, pine, melon, and dank qualities all pop in the nose and palate. The creamy mouthfeel and expressive yeast work together to showcase the abundance of fruit from the hops.

Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, Ekuanot

  (gluten reduced)

Summer Side -  Pale Ale  5.6%

Superbly drinkable. Motueka, Chinook, and Citra all bring different levels of citrus and pine on this light colored pale ale. 
Super dry and a touch of bitterness makes you want one sip after another.

  (gluten reduced)

Court'er Slice - Pear Pie Kettle Sour 6.4%

Hemly Cider Collaboration

Hemly makes great cider, thats a known fact. but what happens when you mix that great juice with a sour beer, and then add a bunch of vanilla and cinnamon!? You get this pear pie inspired kettle soured cider/beer hybrid.  We pushed the limits on the amount of juice we could use and still have it be called a beer. Its bright and cider like with a long comforting finish of sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon.  

Vanilla Ice - Cream Stout 5.1%

Chocolate-y, vanilla-y, yummy. 
Full bodied, yet refreshing and satisfying.

Available either co2 or Nitro

(gluten reduced)