On Now:

1, 2 Punch! -  North East Style IPA  7.1%

This hazy juice bomb is packed full of fruit. On first whiff it smells like a tropical beach while the sun sets. It's full and soft in the palate like white fluffy clouds flowing through the air. It has a crisp bitterness on the end to bring you right back to reality.

 w/ Passionfruit. Guava, Pineapple
Hops - Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic

Same, Same but Different -  Azacca Dry Hopped Blonde Ale  5.3%

We took Pilsnerish and dry hopped it with 3lb/bbl of Azacca to show off its tropical qualities.  This is like drinking a Piña Colada in beer form. Tons of pineapple and coconut with a snappy clean finish.

  (gluten reduced)

Pilsnerish -  Best in Show Blonde Ale (ca state fair) 5.3%

The crisp malt and hop balance makes this a true crusher.  Easy drinking for the common beer drinker but complex enough for the beer nerd.

  (gluten reduced)

Big Tree, Little Tree -  Hoppy Pale Ale 6.2%

Made with the help of the  Old Town Pizza crew to commemorate their  5th year anniversary.  This hop forward Pale Ale has bright lemon and lime qualities that shine upfront with a faint dough like finish.

Hops - Motueka, Cashmere, Centennial   

3 - Triple IPA 11.5%

Dank... in the nose and the palate. This is hop bomb with a kick. It seems full and rich up front then goes toward dry at the end, while alcohol adds just enough character to let you know who's boss.


(gluten reduced)

Dana's Idea - Imperial Red Ale 8.7%

Dana came in and asked why we haven't brewed a red ale in a while. Well... I couldn't answer that, so we brewed a Red Ale! 
Full of caramel, toast, and a touch of chocolatey roast. The alcohol is well hidden under all of the malt and the hops are there just enough. Chinook adds a piney spice and the Sterling mixes with the crystal malts to add just a touch of orange marmalade in the mid palate, but lets the malt shine. Thanks to Sam for sharing the recipe


Court'er Slice - Pear Pie Kettle Sour 6.4%

Hemly Cider Collaboration


Hemly makes great cider, thats a known fact. but what happens when you mix that great juice with a sour beer, and then add a bunch of vanilla and cinnamon!? You get this pear pie inspired kettle soured cider/beer hybrid.  We pushed the limits on the amount of juice we could use and still have it be called a beer. Its bright and cider like with a long comforting finish of sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon.