Tiny Bubbles - Blanc de Blanc "Champagne" Style Sour

This is our take on the wonderful celebratory beverage- Champange.  We added local Chardonnay from Muddy Boot vineyards to an Imperial Kettle sour, then carbed it up to a high level.  Cheers to a New Year!

Soursop Tartè - Fruit Kettle Sour 5.6%

What the heck is a soursop!? It goes by a few names but the best way to describe it - is delicious. Peach and nectarine in the nose. Pineapple and mango on the palate and a tart, refreshing acidity. ⚠️ Warning! ⚠️ This beer is highly crushable! 

Café Picanté - Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout 7.8%

Imagine drinking Abuelita with a bit of alcohol. 

Comforting cinnamon, creamy vanilla, and warming chilies... Pairs well with a campfire.

Brewed with an award winning homebrewer Mike Galli Sr. and son Mike Galli Jr.

Flannel Jacket - Espresso/Vanilla Imperial Stout 10.1%

A rich, decadent, liquid dessert. Big body, smooth creamy vanilla, and a pleasant coffee finish.

DHS - Dry Hopped Pinot Gris Saison 5.4% C/G

We took Slow It Down (Saison) and added some local Pinot Gris (From MuddyBoot Winery) and then dry hopped it with German Hallertau Blanc.  The Fruit added a light pear and apple with a touch of acidity, while the hops add a unique lemon zest and fresh crushed herb component. 

ClockMurk Orange - NE IPA 6.9% 

Orangecicle, Orange Julius, ClockMurk Orange!

Galaxy and Summer burst in the nose with a creamy body and a light bitterness to finish it off. 

Pretty Please - Cherry Pie Sour 6.4%

A spin off of Courter Slice - Cherry pie in a glass.

Straight Fire - Double IPA 8%

Somewhere in between a NE style with a softer bitterness and a west coast with the clarity.  Bright dank hop, clean and clear.