We are releasing 3 beers this week

Tropical IPA 9.7% w/pineapple and coconut. Hops: Vic Secret/Azacca

Lemon Drop Hefeweizen 5.5%

An easy drinking warm weather quencher. Lemon Drop is the hop used but this is a yeast driven beer with a doughy malt back drop.

Juiced Pale 6% (Saturday release)

Inspired by the NE IPA scene- this hazy pale is fermented bone dry but with 30% oats and some wheat it retains its body and gives the hops something to hang on to.

Hops: Azacca, Otto's Supreme, Vinnie's Special, Mosaic.

Apricot, canteloup, and white flower take over the nose with a slight biscuit quality and a clean finish.

Also pouring:

Sequoia Amber 6.7 %

Burgess Brown 4.0%

Mr Sherbert Saison 7.5%

Chai Latte 5% (nitro)